No Win No Fee Tips & Recommendations

According to statistics, negligence is the most widely spread personal injury case, limited to 3 years; meaning the court is obliged to issue the proceedings within 3 years an individual is aware an injury has been suffered.

No win, no fee agreements

In most cases you cannot get financial help (legal aid) to claim compensation for a personal injury, and what is even more important, a legal agency requests upfront payments in nine times out of ten (not to mention the risks of losing the case and heaps of money accordingly).

However, if you are running on a tight budget and have no chance to get legal aid, the option of hiring a solicitor on a ‘no win no fee’ basis may be the silver bullet you have been looking for. If you manage to pick up such services, it means that you will not be expected to make any payments even if the case is a failure (however, make sure the contract includes no extra fees before signing a contract). If you win, you will be required to transfer up to 25% of the total compensation amount.

Initially, the ‘success fee’ was paid to a lawyer by the 3rd insurance company, but unfortunately for the customers, the new legislation, carried into effect last April, implies covering legal expenses from the compensation amount.

Paying the other side’s costs

Some no win no fee agreement types still imply paying significant amounts of money when accident claims are not approved. The agencies that stick to such terms typically offer ‘after the event’ insurances to minimize the expenses in case the case is lost. Therefore, you should better calculate all the possible surcharges you will be subjected to, since the total amount is highly likely to exceed the price of the insurance coverage dramatically.

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